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Analysis Software Solutions

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Femap™ has embodied the principles of power and simplicity for over 20 years and continues that focus today with a Windows-native graphical user interface and efficient workflows that simplify access to all Femap functionality and streamline the process of creating an accurate and representative simulation model. Femap provides exceptional value and performance and is not limited to geometry-based digital data. Femap will also delight customers working with pure finite element model data. As a nuts-and-bolts,"bottom up" finite element pre- and post-processing solution, Femap provides a range of FEA model readers to rapidly import existing models from many FEA solvers. Advanced functionality then eases manipulation of finite element data at the node and element level.


NX Nastran™ is ideal for customers who need a single flexible, robust and cost-effective finite element solver solution that is able to support a wide range of product performance simulation processes. It provides a high degree of interoperability with a large number of CAE applications and ensures a common simulation backbone across a wide variety of user needs and throughout the entire digital prototyping process. This ensures that all digital simulation results are consistent and readily accessible to all CAE users within an enterprise with the minimum of analysis re-work.