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Solid Edge for SharePoint


Simplify your design world

Solid Edge for SharePoint is a SharePoint App for Solid Edge users who are finding that as the volume of their data grows, using Windows folders and network drives is limiting their ability to complete design projects efficiently as they spend too much time searching for files and they also experience errors in design and manufacturing due to the wrong data being used.

Solid Edge for SharePoint simplifies your design world by providing easy vaulting and retrieval of Solid Edge files and related design data, together with a visual approach to managing linked documents, product structures and projects. Solid Edge for SharePoint also simplifies and automates error prone processes such as new product introduction, engineering change and release to manufacturing.

Top 10 reasons to invest in Solid Edge for SharePoint
    1. Get control of expanding volumes of Solid Edge data

    2. Retrieve the data you need quickly - and reuse data more effectively

    3. Provide a visual approach to managing complex data

    4. Fast and accurate completion of ECRs and ECOs

    5. Supports organizations who manage design data and tasks by projects

    6. Create accurate BOMs and send the data to manufacturing

    7. Take advantage of SharePoint Workflows for comprehensive process management

    8. Synchronized release with, and embedded in Solid Edge

    9. SharePoint platform for fast implementation and low total cost of ownership

    10. Based on 10 years of technical leadership and customer success

      Read more about the top 10 reasons

Built on the popular Microsoft SharePoint platform that has more than 100 million licenses and 17,000 customers in businesses of all types and sizes, for SharePoint manages and leverages product information in a manner that is unobtrusive and transparent enabling design projects to be completed on-time and on-budget.
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