Multi-DNC™ is the cornerstone of Spectrum CNC Technologies software suite. This multi-threaded communications and file management system enables simultaneous uploads, downloads and dripfeeding to multiple CNC controls.

This software package includes an Editor, Backplotter, and File Compare. Multi-DNC™ is easily connected to CAD/CAM systems over industry standard networks and is available in a Client/Server configuration. IMAGE

    Multi-DNC™ features:

  • Upload/download
  • Dripfeed
  • RS-232/Ethernet/Wireless
  • Drag & Drop DNC
  • Remote Request
  • Email
  • 256 Character filenames
  • Network 288 CNC’s
  • Wildcard Request in Remote
  • Password Restrict DNC functions
  • Pre-defined machine setups
  • Auto capture probe data
  • Automatic File Compare
  • Edit NC files
  • Convert CNC code on the fly
  • Calculators General/Graphical Geometry
  • Programming Calculator: metric-inch conversion/feeds & speeds/drill depth calculation
  • Time estimating mill & lathe
  • Backplot NC files
  • File management
  • Mid-program restart
  • Sub program expansion
  • Client/Server
  • 100% network compatible
  • Software license manager runs as service
  • Floating license