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Freeform Demo with X-Form

Having pushed the limit of mechanical CAD modeling with Synchronous Technology (currently in its fifth incarnation), NX now dives into freeform surfacing and solid modeling. Explore X-form in a short 4 minute video.

Turbomachinery Milling

Turbomachinery Milling simplifies the NC programming process for machining complex 5-axis multi-bladed rotational parts, such as blisks and impellers for aero-engines, turbo-machinery and power generation equipment. Explore Turbomachinery in a short 4 minute video.


HD3D Visual Reporting

HD3D provides a simple way to collect, collate and present information. It reports product and process data from NX and Teamcenter in the 3D product development environment, where it can be immediately applied in critical decision-making.

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CAD Software Solutions

redefining productivity in product development

Increase complexity of products, development processes and design teams is challenging companies to find new tools and methods to deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost. Leading-edge technology from Siemens PLM software delivers greater power for today's design challenge. Synchronous Technology unites parametric and history-free modeling, to NX Active Mockup for multi-CAD assembly design, NX delivers breakthrough technology that sets new standards for speed, performance, and ease of use.

Mechanical Design

A comprehensive mechanical design solution, NX lets you choose the tools and methodologies that best suits your design challenge, and work directly with design data from other CAD systems. A unique assembly design and mockup environment, process-specific design aids, drafting and 3D annotation help you work significantly faster than you would with general-purpose CAD tools. More...

Industrial Design & Styling

NX offers a complete set of flexible shape creation, manipulation, and analysis tools for industrial design and styling. The combined powers of these tools ensures that you can create the most complex shapes quickly, with ease and with the adaptability to change. NX provides all the tools you need to explore shape and style, while ensuring a seamless transition into engineering, simulation and manufacturing.More...


NX brings together mechanical and electrical designers, enabling each discipline to work with its own design systems while linking their efforts in the product lifecycle. NX offers solutions for wire harness and routing challenges and for the cration of 3D models of printed circuit board– including flexible PCBs- from ECAD systems data for use in mechanical packaging design. Assembly design enables virtual prototyping in the full product context. More...


NX delivers the range and depth of CAM performance that maximizes returns on investments in machine tools. NX machining products include full assembly modeling of the machining environment and feature-based automation capabilities. NX Machining products provide a full range of CAM functions to address high speed surface machining, multi-function mill-turning, demanding 5-axis machining, machine tool simulation and post processing. More...

Tooling & Fixture Design

NX offers a powerful set of automated applications for mold and die design, fixture design and other processes that support product manufacturing. These applications enable the complete task of moving from part design to finished tool in far less time than with the use of traditional CAD applications. Tooling and fixture design in NX is driven by the knowledge of experienced designers built into the commands and functions. More...

Mechanical Simulation

Advanced simulation capabilities are offered in the NX environment which allows engineers to seamlessly collaborate with the design team. Engineers can easily update their analysis models as the design changes and reduce errors resulting from data translation. NX supports this design simulation environment through repeatable and automated simulation process capturing CAE best practices. More...


"Look to NX when you are looking for your productivty enhancements to meet your requirements for faster turnaround.