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NX Nastran Intro to Dynamic Analysis with Femap
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NX Nastran Intro to Dynamic Analysis with NX
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NX Nastran Advanced Dynamic Analysis with NX
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NX Nastran Coupled Strucutre / Acoustic Analysis with Femap
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NX Nastran Coupled Strucutre / Acoustic Analysis with NX
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FEA Software Solutions

world-class performance, reliability and scalability

NX Nastran is a standalone solution for the extended enterprise. Typically running on networked server CPUs, NX Nastran supports multiple users, multiple sites and/or multiple finite element pre- and post-processing applications, whether supplied by Siemens PLM Software or other CAE solution providers.

NX Nastran is ideal for customers who need a single flexible, robust and cost-effective finite element solver solution that is able to support a wide range of product performance simulation processes. It provides a high degree of interoperability with a large number of CAE applications and ensures a common simulation backbone across a wide variety of user needs and throughout the entire digital prototyping process. This ensures that all digital simulation results are consistent and readily accessible to all CAE users within an enterprise with the minimum of analysis re-work.

NX Nastran Basic
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NX Nastran - Basic is the core subset of NX Nastran and includes a robust suite of linear statics, normal modes, buckling analyses and heat transfer capabilities. NX Nastran - Basic provides you access to a broad library of finite element types and material models, robust manipulation of load cases, along with several efficient solution sequences for linear statics analysis (including buckling) and normal modes analyses on models of unlimited size. The heat transfer capability provides solutions to steady state and transient thermal analysis and design problems. NX Nastran - Basic can play a key role in your virtual product development process by providing the most widely used CAE solutions for digital prototyping and simulation of product functional performance. More...

Advanced Nonlinear
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Advanced Nonlinear provides the capability to analyze FE models with nonlinear behavior due to contacting parts, material nonlinearities and/or geometric nonlinearities (that is, large deformations). An add-on module to NX Nastran-Basic, the Advanced Nonlinear solver is based on an integration of the well known and highly regarded ADINA implicit and explicit solvers with NX Nastran. The integration of the ADINA solver into Solution 601/701 is transparent to the user because the input and output formats are based on NX Nastran formats. Thus, to the user, the experience and usage of Solution 601/701 is completely Nastran-centric. More...

Dynamic Response
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NX Nastran - Dynamic Response enables you to calculate your product's forced dynamic response to inputs (loads or motions) that vary with time or frequency. An add-on option to NX Nastran - Basic, it complements the linear static capabilities found in the Basic solution. Dynamic response capabilities play a key role in various industries such as assessing passenger comfort in aircraft and automobiles under different operating conditions, determining whether engine frequencies or tire excitations from the road suface will adversely affect responses at other areas of a vehicle, such as at the steering column or in the seats or evaluating the effect of vibrations on the performance of consumer products and other high-tech electronic devices. More...

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NX Nastran solves large systems of equations efficiently using sparse matrix algorithms; however, NX Nastran – Superelements offers still greater efficiency. Superelements, an add-on to NX Nastran – Basic, plays a key role when solving very large and complex finite element models by decomposing larger structures into equivalent sets of smaller substructures called superelements. NX Nastran – Superelements can be used with all NX Nastran analysis capabilities. It is particularly efficient in large, full-system analysis such as for an entire aircraft, vehicle or ship, and performs incremental and partial assembly solutions. More...


NX Nastran – Direct Matrix Abstraction Program (DMAP) is a unique Nastran programming capability available as an add-on to NX Nastran – Basic that allows customers to expand NX Nastran capabilities by writing their own applications and installing custom modules. DMAP can be used to compute additional measures of structural response; to transfer intermediate data to and from NX Nastran (for example, externally generated system matrices); to incorporate the latest software enhancements without waiting for a major software release; or to access more than just the standard results output sets. More...


Designing and producing innovative products that meet performance criteria is a goal of every manufacturer. Using optimization techniques, engineers can improve a proposed design, resulting in the best possible product for minimum cost. Because your designs may have hundreds of variable parameters with complex interrelationships, finding an optimal design through manual iterations is hit-or-miss at best. NX Nastran – Optimization relieves the burden of improving product designs by automating the iterative process of comparing performance against specifications. More...

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Aeroelastic analysis enables the simulation of structural models in the presence of an air stream. With NX Nastran – Aeroelasticity, an optional add-on module to NX Nastran – Basic, you have access to static aeroelastic capabilities for stress, load, aerodynamic, and control system analysis and design using a common finite element representation. NX Nastran – Aeroelasticity is applicable in the design of airplanes, helicopters, missiles, suspension bridges and even tall chimneys and power lines. . More...

Rotor Dynamics
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Rotating systems are subject to gyroscopic forces such as Coriolis and centrifugal forces that are not present in stationary systems. NX™ Nastran® Rotor Dynamics software provides the capability to predict the dynamic behavior of rotating systems. With the Rotor Dynamics functionality now integrated into NX Nastran, users can now more easily simulate rotating system loads, perform synchronous and asynchronous analysis to generate Campbell Diagram data, predict whirl frequencies and critical speeds and detect instability in rotating components. More...

NX Nastran for Femap
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Siemens PLM Software's NX™ Nastran for Femap is a very cost effective Windows-native CAE solution that combines Femap's widely used pre- and post-processing capabilities with the analysis capabilities of Nastran. NX Nastran for Femap is seamlessly integrated into the Femap environment, based upon its 15-year history of working closely with the MSC.Nastran solvers. NX Nastran for Femap provides an extremely affordable solution for a wide range of companies, both large and small, by providing their design teams with the robust CAE tools they need to focus on product performance while improving reliability and repeatability in their design process. More...


NX Nastran is not just a solid investment for those committed to excellencein the use of

finite element analysis technologies. It's the right tool to help you realize

your business goals.