NX Nastran



NX Nastran is a standalone solution for the extended enterprise. Typically running on networked server CPUs, NX Nastran supports multiple users, multiple sites and/or multiple finite element pre- and post-processing applications, whether supplied by Siemens PLM Software or other CAE solution providers.

NX Nastran is ideal for customers who need a single flexible, robust and cost-effective finite element solver solution that is able to support a wide range of product performance simulation processes. It provides a high degree of interoperability with a large number of CAE applications and ensures a common simulation backbone across a wide variety of user needs and throughout the entire digital prototyping process. This ensures that all digital simulation results are consistent and readily accessible to all CAE users within an enterprise with the minimum of analysis re-work.

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NX Nastran is not just a solid investment for those committed to excellencein the use of finite element analysis technologies. It's the right tool to help you realize your business goals.