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Solid Edge ST9

Solid Edge ST9 includes hundreds of customer requested enhancements and delivers fast and flexible 3D modeling, streamlined design management, powerful new apps and an amazing user experience that empower you to re-imagine what’s possible. Select image for more information.

Solid Edge Viewer

The Solid Edge Viewer is easy to download and install, and will allow you to view Solid Edge assembly, part, sheet metal and draft files, as well as DXF and AutoCAD DWG files.


Solid Edge 2D Drafting

Solid Edge 2D Drafting eases the transition from 2D AutoCAD with import wizards, matched fonts and color schemes, XREF support, paper/model space support and much more. Get up to speed faster with a built-in Command Finder - never look for AutoCAD equilvalent command again.

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CAD Software Solutions

redefining productivity in product development


Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a complete, history-free, feature-based 2D/3D CAD software system. With superior part and assembly modeling, drafting, transparent data management, and built-in finite element analysis (FEA), Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a core component of the Velocity Series portfolio that eases the growing complexity of product design.

Solid Edge is an industry-leading mechanical design system with exceptional tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes. With superior core modeling and process workflows, a unique focus on the needs of specific industries, and fully integrated design management, Solid Edge guides projects toward an error free, accurate design solution. Solid Edge modeling and assembly tools enable your engineering team to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components. Solid Edge and NX CAD are the only products that leverage Syncrounous Technology for design and enabling the use of multi-CAD data within your designs.

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Download and use Solid Edge for 45 days on your PC or stream live to any computer for 20 hours.

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Component Modeling

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is built on a foundation of superior modeling capabliities and breakthrough technologies that allow you the flexibility o fusing explict modeling with precise control of parametrics. By harnessing the power of Siemens' Parasolids software and syncrounous technology you can create complex products faster and develop more deisgn alternatives with fewer steps. More...

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a core design capability of Solid Edge, with support for the entire design-thru-fabrication process. Leveraging synchronous technology, sheet metal designers can develop models faster using fewer commands, make changes in real time, edit suppllier data, and take designs to production with flat patterns and automatic drawings. Solid Edge delivers the most productive sheet metal CAD package available. More...

Mold and Electrode

Solid Edge Mold Tooling is a powerful automated system for plastic injection mold design. This complete system includes component libraries, support for multi-core/cavity and colling lines. A complementary electrode design application guides manufactures through a step-by-step workflow to develop single or compond electrodes. More...


A dedicated environment assists the development of welded structures. All weld types are supported and tools are included for defining pre- and post-weld operations. Solid Edge captures the entire process, and provides bills of materials and component drawings. More...


Solid Edge speeds design of rigid frame structures beginning with a 3D sketch defining the frame skeleton. Solid Edge automatically creates frame components using standard cross-sections and generates cut lists for manufacturing. More...

Piping and Tubing

Piping and tubing assemblies are created in the XpresRoute environment. Using a 3D path, pipes with correct fittings, or tubes, are automatically created. Pipes and tubes adapt to design changes and cut lits, bills of material and manufacturing information are automaitically produced. More...

Wire Harness

Wire harenesses in Solid Edge can be created manually or automaitcally from electrical CAD systems (ECAD). Solid Edge includes a complete suite of tools for wire creation, routing, bundling and constantly monitors the design for manufacturability. Cut lenght and reports are also provided. More...

Animated & Dyamic Doc.

Explode and motion simluations help communicate design ideas, show operations and improve documentation. A timelline-based approach lets users document explode sequences, create realistic motions and animate fly-thrus. When combined with Virtual Studio+, photorealistic movies can showcase products in action. More...

Standard Parts

Solid Edge Standard Parts allows designers to add, select and place fastners, bearings, pipe fittings and structural members. Users can place standard parts from optional librarries or use their own custom components. More...

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Look to Solid Edge when you are looking for your productivty enhancements to meet your requirements for faster turnaround.