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It can take thousands – perhaps millions – of decisions to create a great product. Not just the big milestone decisions, but all the small decisions that lead up to them. Anyone in your extended enterprise can make a decision at any time that makes a difference in a product’s success or failure. Add to this the complexity of your products. As technology becomes more sophisticated, electronic and software components are just as essential as mechanical parts. Yet, the interfaces between components are all too often overlooked until late in the development process.

You may need to factor in best practices and formulas, and no matter what business you’re in, you must also consider regulatory requirements, environmental impact, cost and quality as you take a new product to market. Product lifecycle management (PLM) can bring together all the product information and processes you need in one centralized system. You can take a systems-driven approach to product development to unify your product lifecycle. But how can you prevent the complexity of the product lifecycle itself from overwhelming your users – or your IT department?

Teamcenter® software from Siemens PLM Software is all about PLM, simplified.

Smarter decisions
  • Improve decision-making – Teamcenter supports the HD-PLM vision by supporting a future-proof architecture that can grow with you as your needs grow. Open, flexible, and scalable from a single user to 1000s, Teamcenter is the backbone for collaborative decision support.
  • Increased Productivity – Teamcenter improves personal, application, and IT productivity. Rich, thin, and mobile clients enable users to rapidly view product knowledge attuned to their everyday roles and experiences. 3D product models allow teams to interrogate, collaborate, and validate virtual product concepts without waiting for costly physical prototypes.
  • Accelerate time to market – Teamcenter enables project execution in parallel processes to accelerate program execution. Faster time to market results in increased revenue while distinguishing your products in a crowded marketplace.
Better products
  • Streamlining process efficiency – Teamcenter helps improve operational efficiency by establishing repeatable, reusable, automated processes to launch work tasks, track execution, apply workflow rules and defined user roles. Manufacturing process management provides a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data; product, process, resource and plant, fully managed and associated to support lifecycle processes from engineering through production.
  • Maximize commonization and re-use – Teamcenter captures information from diverse authoring systems and classifies it so that designs, documents, plans, processes and product data can be searched for, found and re-used, to eliminate redesign, duplication, and the resulting downstream processes and costs such as validation, sourcing, and certification. Teamcenter supports the rapid development of common product platforms that have variations and derivatives built on top of – rather than duplicated – further reducing development, procurement, and manufacturing costs.
  • Maximize innovation - Product innovation drives revenue growth. Teamcenter enables you to create and capture customer requirements and align these requirements with downstream decision-making to deliver products that customers want for a price they are willing to pay. With tight integration to NX Design and Simulation for product definition and NX Manufacturing and Tecnomatix for manufacturing, Teamcenter enables “process” innovation as well to carry innovative concepts all the way to product realization.
  • Dramatically Increase product quality – Using Teamcenter to integrate quality constraints into product definitions, you can assess metrics across all lifecycle stages & ensure adherence to packaging, functionality, usability, engineering, regulatory standards, manufacturability and serviceability. Teamcenter allows you to confidently move decisions typically associated with influencing product quality earlier in the development process where they have greater impact on cost reduction.
Proven success
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership – The comprehensiveness of Teamcenter means managing your product lifecycle knowledge and processes in one unified environment that reduces the number of systems you purchase, train on, and support while gaining the other benefits. Pre-configured infrastructure support reduces installation and support efforts.
  • Openness – Teamcenter is the most open PLM solution in the industry – with JT, PLM XML, and SOA for example – which not only allows you to leverage your authoring systems of choice but also enables integrations to systems that you already use, reducing the cost of migration and retraining.

Teamcenter® software is the world’s most widely used PLM system. Teamcenter provides the right information for people to make the right product decisions that result in better products—from planning and development through manufacturing and support. Its proven digital lifecycle management solutions define the baseline PLM platform for collaborative decision support for Siemens PLM Software’s HD-PLM vision. Teamcenter is scalable from a core PLM platform that can grow with a company’s needs to support end-to-end PLM that touches everyone in the product development environment. More information...


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