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Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.
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Software Training Solutions

enabling the workforce

We understand in today's fast paced world that you need decision making information very quickly. That's why having a trained staff is the key to good decision making. Whether you are making a decision about an engineering change or how to formulate a design strategy your new product, people are making decisions that affect your business. Investing in training and personal development needs plays a large role in making the right decisions. Make the right decision and choose one of the several training solutions from Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.

Our staff of trainers are not only application specialists, they are also versed in adult education, learning modalities and members of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Combining the technical requirements of the software solutions and adult learning your staff are sure to receive the most effective training in the industry.

Every organization has its own unique requirements for developing its staff. This development can be as simple as a required standard update training to specialized training needs for a specific project. Applied CIM Technologies understands that your business goals and processes are unique as your training needs. That is why we offer the "standard" software training and we offer the ability to tailor training to fit your specific needs.

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Nothing beats the true face-to-face training interaction when it comes to adult learning. We pride ourselves on having a unique approach in our industry. Our approach is to provide just the knowledge you need when you need it. Overloading students with unnecessary information reduces the students' ability to take away the knowledge that will affect your bottom line. We can do this by providing configurable training solutions to meet your specific learning and business goals and objectives.

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Self-paced training options allow your staff the flexibility to get the training when they need it and when they want it. Self-paced training also allows the learner to practice skills or to refresh their knowledge when they need to fully understand a concept or to provide a refresher prior to taking an instructor-led course.

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Applied CIM Technologies, Inc offers our customers the options of taking their existing paper-based courses and converting and/or redesigning this information for web-based consumption. We also understand that traditional software training teaches you how to use the software functions. We take this one step further by showing you how to use a function and when you would want to use that function in your design strategies. We can build custom training to meet your specific training objectives and business goals.

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In order to know where you are going you need to know where you are starting from. Assessments allow you and your staff to understand the true knowledge gap that exists in your organization. Applied CIM Technologies, Inc takes a holistic approach and understands that training isn't always the solution. Having an assessment can show you where you might have communication issues that are hampering your staffs' ability to find, understand and implement your "tribal knowledge."

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Focusing in on your unique business processes allows us to create training materials that are specific to your needs and objectives. By incorporating work related projects into the curriculum your staff can be productive and learn the training materials at the same time. By collaborating in groups on projects you staff takes ownership of their own learning and decision making. At the end of the projects the group assesses each other's work and makes suggestions and recommendations for improvements.


Look to Applied CIM Technologies, Inc. when you are looking for your productivty enhancements to meet your requirements for faster turnaround.