American Tool & Die

American Tool & Die

Based in Swansea, South Carolina, ATD operates from a 70,000 square- foot facility in which it produces aerospace and automotive parts; onstruction, HVAC, railroad, and outdoor power-equipment; linear motion components, and parts for various other sectors.

Case Study Summary

Company name: American Tool & Die, Inc.

Business: Tool and die production


Benefits achieved:

  • Ability to easily save and apply machiningstrategies
  • Flexibility in selecting specialized toolpath
  • Reduced scrap due to simulation and toolpath verification

American Tool & Die, Inc., harnesses the power and flexibility of SURFCAM Traditional to produce a wide range of parts for multiple industries

“There isn’t necessarily a single toolpath that’s best for machining every type of part that we have, so the ability to choose is important for us.”

  • Nick Rutland, CNC Department Manager

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