Automation Control

Automation Control

Case Study Summary

Company name: Automation & Control Services, Inc.

Business: Coining equipment specialist


Benefits achieved:

  • Ability to quickly perform standard, canned functions
  • Increased ability to perform highly-specialized jobs
  • Greater machining efficiency
  • Extended tool life

Automation & Control Services Inc, uses SURFCAM Traditional to produce a wide variety of custom solutions for the manufacturing and service industries

“We’re training the machinists and designers of tomorrow with tools that will help them, and us, to be as successful as possible.”

  • Roger Florkiewicz, Operations manager

Manufacturing isn’t a one-size-fits all industry, which is why Automation & Control Services, Inc., specializes in the design and production of custom solutions for a wide range of needs. Based in Schererville, Indiana, Automation and Control Services was founded in 1994 and has since served the manufacturing and service industries throughout North America, as well as parts of Europe and South America. The business supports a variety of industries, including the automotive, primary and secondary steel, pharmaceutical, household products manufacturing, food processing and packaging, material handling, wastewater processing, and healthcare sectors.